Programming and debugging life — what a really hard bug looks like being found & fixed. A tale for startup founders, developers and the curious.

Bug report lodged that changing text causes a page to draw as all black after page change
A bug first spotted when a sample edited casually and then played

How Apple’s pricing works for digital goods and designing the Touchgram Currency within those constraints.

The Dilemma for Creative Products, that also hits Touchgram

Photo by Bryson Hammer on Unsplash which called to me. It captures the NFT/blockchain issues of “weakest link” with feeling pulled in multiple directions.

The control Apple imposes on all iMessage apps that can spoil your experience

Portion of Touchgram screen with Close button and Feedback buttons circled for emphasis.
The problem with our Touch Sensor editor

A tech inspiration story

It took someone holding up an unreadable phone for me to realise I’d missed something important.

User screenshot in Dark Mode

The stories behind the creative messaging app.

Family photos — a young couple in love, on their dream farm, talking to Grandma after her return to the UK

Andy Dent

Touchgram interactive messaging CEO/Founder looking for art, sound & advertising partners. Martial artist. Parent of adults. Coder & designer 30+yrs. Australian

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